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Fisheep Tung

Freelance Illustrator & Co-founder of akunbko

身份為插畫師及A君B子主理人之一,最近多增加了動物溝通師。創作風格多元,作品中多呈現童趣筆觸和直覺配色,不以單一風格拘束自己。這些元素像是直球般,自然不扭捏地投入觀者心中的好球帶。曾於2018年入選台北插畫藝術節,2019年獲得荷蘭Indigo Awards插畫銀獎、數位設計銅獎,2020年於台北及高雄舉辦首次個展,2021年入選臺灣文博會Talent 100,2023年入選RE:AND藝術設計博覽會。合作過的客戶有日本出版社扶桑社、日本品牌創意策略公司Loftwork、荷蘭app應用開發商Bitrise、臺灣音樂祭貴人散步、台南城市音樂節,以及多組臺灣獨立樂團。


Fisheep is an illustrator and co-founder of A-kun-B-ko. Their artistic style is multifaceted, showcasing various types of line work, childlike brushstrokes, and unconventional color pairings. They do not limit themselves to a single style, and these elements flow effortlessly into viewers' hearts. In 2018, Fisheep was selected for the Taipei Illustration Fair. In 2019, they received the silver award for illustration and the bronze award for digital design at the Indigo Awards in the Netherlands. In 2020, they held their first solo exhibition in Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In 2021, they were selected for Talent 100 at the Taiwan Creative Expo. In 2023, they were selected for the RE: AND Art and Design fair. Fisheep has collaborated with a range of clients, including Japanese manga artist Shibuya Chokkaku, a Japanese brand creative strategy company, a Dutch app developer, a e-commerce platform and music festival in Taiwan, and several Taiwanese independent bands.


Selected client list includes

Brand: PChome, Loftwork(Japan), Fusosha (Japan), Bitrise (Budapast), WHYIXD
Band: DSPS, punkhoo, Elephant Gym,  RANDOM, etc...


Indigo Awards, 2019

(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Silver in Illustration

Bronze in Digital Design

Solo Exhibition

ALUZ CLUB》  Visual Art & Music Exhibition, 2020

《摯友 Fellowship》, 2023

Group Exhibition

Creative Expo Taiwan 2023
"Untitled" 2023

RE:AND Art and Design Fair 2023


Taipei Art Book Fair 2022
Creative Expo Taiwan 2021 (Talent 100)
Taipei Art Book Fair 2020
Taipei Art Book Fair 2019
"Autumn is coming, what are you doing?" 2019
Taipei Illustration Fair 2018


Fancy Pop Design》by PIE International, 2017


dpi設計插畫誌 以「直覺」作畫的女子,​ 2021

CUTOUT Magazine Volume 09. Issue 02, 2019​

dpi設計插畫誌  no.233 專題企畫, 2018

政大品牌設計研習社 從耳到眼的感官編寫者, 2018 
FLiPER mag. 凡事都有最佳的設計方式, 2018
破點POINT 生活中的台灣製造風景指南, 2016

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